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迎春是個有魔力的女孩,她使用剪紙的力量為發生乾旱的村莊剪出雲,創造雨水。她身邊的跟班﹣小葫蘆,就像是她的化身,他們如影隨行,直到邪惡的「影子葫蘆」將小葫蘆吞噬進黑暗的剪紙世界。 Spring is a magical girl. She uses the power of paper-cutting to cut out the clouds to create rain for the droughty village. Her valet named Hulu is like her avatar. They are on intimate terms with each other until the evil shadow swallowed Hulu into the dark world of paper-cutting.


七月,一場離奇事故,阿奇不慎失足溺斃水中。醒來後,發現自己來到名為《怪怪村》的驛站,於是與小妖怪展開一場驚心動魄的旅程。 In July, A Qi, a teenager, tripped and drowned in the water in a bizarre accident. When he woke up, he discovered himself to be in a “Weird village”. He began this journey with the little monster.

War Of Golden

過去曾經有一個繁榮的古文明都市-黃金國,黃金國的人民利用排出的糞便,也就是金做為其文明所需之能源。 Once upon a time, there was a prosperous civilization- Kingdom of Shit. Citizens of the kingdom use their waste, a.k.a shit, as their major resource of power and energy.

Follow Candy

亞晴是一名害羞的女孩,偶然的吃下了神祕糖果,意外獲得能夠聽見、看見心靈的能力,改變了在這個平凡無奇的台南午後。 Ya Ching is a shy girl, she ate a candy by chance and unexpectedly obtained the ability of hearing and seeing the mind, so a bizarre screen changed the mundane afternoon of Tainan.


一個充滿夢想的小男孩,在成長過程中歷經許多挫折,因此不得不放棄自己的夢想,向這個世界妥協。但在一次偶然的意外,他進入了一個奇幻的世界,過程中讓他再次想起小時候的回憶,找到了最初夢想的原點。 A young boy who is full of the dream, after many setbacks in his growth, he had to give up own dream. But at a special accident, he entire a varied world. It let him found the original point of his initial dream.

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