Why the baby fox always can't get the light?
Sometimes, for one question, there maybe two answers to it. Just change your way of thinking, then try it again, You'll find something new.


Maria, a beggar girl, is almost starving to death because she didn't get any apple from sisters' giving everyday. In deep desperation, she comes an appetite to eat a rat on the roadside. She is struggling to eat it o...


Boy Ren Cheng had a healthy doggy.  However, due to his diabled body, Ren Cheng got lonesome and mind-distorted. He envied the healthy doggy and wanted to hurt it. So Ren Cheng...


Spider Pao-Pao would like to take bubbles to see the wider world. But in the middle of the way,the bubbles were ruined. Therefore, he met butterflies and penguins, with their help, the spider Pao...



By using the nightmare to reflect the painful menstruation, the nightmare shows the character's pressure from her daily life , such as those from the family and the workplace.  After waking up, the woman still h...


Pharmacist's son amber, when he catches a cold , he feels the real love of his father gradually, and finally understands the importance of family love.


Greedy person who picked up the rings themselves, thus resulting punishment into a monster; in order to save people, so Superman must come forward. Eventually, Superman defeated the monster...


Saigou feared for mailbox and he couldn't work like postman, one day he got a chance to overcome his fear.


Angelo was going through a wide variety of competitions in his school life, and his parents were always cheering for him by his side. Finally,he found that it was just the beginning of another race when he re...

November 16, 2015




Authors' creation of work needs the interpretation from the audience, and their understanding of the author's ideas. Most people believe that it is the Author that matters. But that is n...

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November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

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